Auto Copy Paste & Save Froms Chrome extension

Never type to fill the same form again, no matter how small or big it is...Let the page load and watch the form fills automatically from our extension (or) Simply Press (ALT + M) to paste it from cache.

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Auto Capture forms, Save & Reuse

Our extension automatically captures the forms you fill on your browsing session and remembers it for future use. So when you visit the same page again, our extension fills the form for you automatically no matter how big the form is.

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Auto COPY forms

Our extension automatically captures all the input fields on forms as you type and saves it to future use. It's simple & easy to use. You can also copy manually from web page simple by pressing keyboard short cut (ALT +N) or by right clicking and select "COPY FORM"

Auto PASTE forms

As you browse websites, if any of them have forms you already filled earlier, our extension fills the form automatically for your no matter how big it is. You can also manually paste to web page by pressing keyboard short cut (ALT +M) or by right clicking and select paste

Save & Organize

All forms that are captures from your browsing session is saved and available in extension cache, You can view the list, delete & organize the list under one screen.

Upgrade to to save unlimited forms

The free version of the extension available at chrome store can save upto 30 forms, We invite you to upgrade to paid version @ just 29.95 to save unlimited forms. By upgrading you support development, receive updates & personalized support, and we can also customize it to your requirement.

* After payment you'll recieve a link to install full version of the extension. If not recieved in 24 hours kindly contact livepositiveway (at)


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